Tape045 - Rendezvous!

Well, I thought we'd gotten rid of these guys, but just like the ants that are currently swarming the kitchen of my Imperial Destroyer, they just keep coming back. Oh well, no matter. This time they talk about how technology is the bane of existence and we should be embracing nature or some other jedi/rebel mumbo jumbo. Is there a Raid for rebel bases yet? We got shoop doors but no Rebel Raid...anywho. Vader, out.

Songs in this tape:
Rectifier - I Brake for No One
Rectifier - Pig on Stilts

Find more music and news about Rectifier's upcoming album and shows at

Tape044 - Buds and Seeds

When Imperial subterfuge, technological snaffus, and just plain bumbling incompetence squander months of rebel build up, they decided to do what they do best and steal from a superior source. This time we hear some cutting room b-roll from the Masters over at Butts in Seats. Or is it Buds and Seeds? That might be a better name for this goofy nonsense, but it's what we've come to expect from this scum squad. I suppose it's better than nothing. Can we pull up some footage on Captain Simian and his Space Monkeys? Vader, out.

Music in this tape:
Woodbox Gang - Showdown
Woodbox Gang - Italian Plumber Lawsuit
Woodbox Gang - Strange Desert 1947

Find Josh Armour at @joshjdarmour and Frank Harris at @mostnotcoolman on Twitter, and find the whole Butts in Seats gang at @buttsinseatspod, as well as buttsinseats.libsyn.com

Tape043 - Mallrats Moviecast, I Don't Understand.

With the recent release of the documentary inspired by the Stolen Data Tapes, along with the passing of rebel Princess and General Leah Organa, we knew that it would only be a matter of time before we were forced to contend with this particular group of insurgents. Scum Tod and Brandon bring a propaganda film to discuss, this one a production by Jedi Kevin Smith called "Mallrats" - I mean, I can guess what a rat is, but all the midichlorians in the world aren't helping me figure out what a 'mall' is. No matter, they reveal many vital secrets in yet another riveting tape...and I wouldn't miss a second of it.

Enjoy some tunes from a couple of Cantina bands, Rectifier we are familiar with, but Manbearpig is both new and TERRIFYING. DO YOU SEE IT? Vader, out.

Music in this Podcast:
Manbearpig - Manbearpig Theme
Manbearpig - N.T.R.M.
Manbearpig - Shiny and Chrome
Manbearpig - Typhoid Mary
Manbearpig -King Prawn!
Rectifier - Mona Lisa was a man
Rectifier - Man Swallows Whale
Rectifier - The Consequence of Errors
Rectifier - The Inside Joke
Rectifier - Jon

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Tape042 - Jedi Paolo

The rebels recruit another dubeous jedi to their cause, a specialist in art and propoganda. Paolo has recently gone rouge from his place in the imperial order to side with rebelious artists and other "self starting" scum. Only time will tell how this gamble will work out, but all members of the empire are strictly forbidden from supporting such...indy projects...

Music in this Tape
1. Ben Boone - Let it Go
2. Ben Boone - Push Up
3. Ben Boone - Home
4. Ben Boone - Techtonics

Tape041 - We deleted the good one

Imperial hackers successfully destroyed "the good one", as if these rebels ever had a good podcast episode. Anyway, I can't name one specific thing they talked about, just a meandering hour or so. Music by Big Sticky Mess (it's been a while since we've heard from them.)

Tape040 - Edge of a 2 Sun Desert

The rebels are "back again", I guess. Every time we think they're finally gone for good they make noise about a return. *sigh* In this tape Brandon is driving through, I dunno, Tatooine it sounds like while Tod operates the recorder back at base. They reveal another rebel stronghold called Nightvale, the newscast of which I am getting very addicted to.

Music in this Tape:
1. Decent Criminal - Ghost
2. Decent Criminal - Abandon
3. Decent Criminal - Strange

Tape039 - Buttf*ck It!

I thought these guys were done? Didn't we have them locked up in the cells when the first Death Star was destroyed? I don't know, my memory may not be as sharp as it used to be, but I was certain we'd vanquished these foe. No matter, this resurgency can't carry them far. Eventually, the empire will win. We always do. Vader, out.

Music on this Podcast:
Killradio - Entertained
Braindead - Me and the Devil Don't Get Along
Decent Criminal - Death

Tape038 - Generic Asian Voice

Tape038 - Generic Asian Voice

The hapless rebels have returned, with "interesting" new music. It's more...Mos Eisley Cantina than Imperial Opera House, but if you're a dirty rebel on the run it must suffice. They make a feeble attempt at an album review, discuss an outdoor adventure (on the moon of Endor? No, Lost Coast, CA) and talk a lot (again) about other podcasts, and what they mean to them. Nobody has reviewed my podcast...not that I'd want them to!

1. Rectifier - Beulah Howe pt 2
2. Rectifier - The Consequence of Errors
3. Decent Criminal - Abandon
4. Decent Criminal - Faults
5. Decent Criminal - Riverside
6. Decent Criminal - Strange

Tape037?! - In a Row?!

The rebel alliance is passing about yet another proganda film, this one containing a young rebel who rages against the empire and brings together squabbling factions in the process. Jedi Duncan sat in as we hear these scum discussing this film and it's relation to previously released proganda. They tell many old war stories (didn't we already hear how these two met?) and, as always, we really don't learn much pertinent info. Perhaps I'll just have a space beer and relax tonight. Vader, out. Oh yeah... to Spencer from the OpIvy forums... FUCK YOU... and thank you.

Music in this podcast:
Rectifier "Man Swallows Whales"
Rectifier "Cactus Mouth"
Rectifier "The Inside Joke"
Rectifier "Mona Lisa Was a Man"
Rectifier "Jon"

Find Rectifier at www.facebook.com/rectifythis

Tape036 - Back From the Dead!!

Now this is an interesting one. The scum talk a lot about their daily lives, perhaps too much. Some soon to be dead ITrooper -- some soon to be dead tech division minion! -- should probably have edited this more. However, there is enough here to glean at least some spec of quality info. There was a song rebel Bizcake made that has all the troopers singing and laughing. Perhaps we should be concerned, but it's so damned catchy! Vader, out.

Tape035 - Dafuq U Bin?

Hah! I knew these rebel scum couldn't keep their momentum up! I feel as though we have them cornered and will finally find their base of operations. It's been a full month since we last found listened to any new information out of these fools. Perhaps that means they have become better about their top secrets! We  will have to keep a closer watch on them. This time they discuss in depth some supposed descendents of mine and a new documentary on my family. They also discuss a very interesting band of rebels one of our friendly neighborhood podcasters joined for a major meeting. Many scum attended this event, including Jedi Master Goold. I wish we had gotten some audio back from that event! Anywho, here's the tape. Vader, out.

Songs on this Podcast:
Handicapped - 27
Handicapped - Middletown
Handicapped - Sold Out
Rancid - Radio
Rancid - Journer to the End of the East Bay

Tape034 - It Came from Below the Equator!!!

It was a good year for data tape recovery. Me and the guys in the imperial elite thought it would be nice to squeeze one more out, maybe find that one piece of information that'll crack the mystery on those rebels. Their influence is broad, reaching some distant planet in the Oz Nebula, and we hear local gladiator announcer Josh Armour,  who expresses his love for a local Prince. I wish him luck in his future pursuits. In Empire fashion, we go out with a BANG!

Songs in this podcast:
Venus SLY Trap - Out in SA
Venus SLY Trap - Hillel's Green Heaven
Venus SLY Trap - Payolla

All music from Josh Armour's former band. He's the drummer. Here's proof. 

Tape033 - The Night Before

WARNING! Spoilers for “Night Before” are between 19 and 34 minutes.

The rebels are here to promote another slapstick propaganda film. Glorifying drug use and shenanigans over the Christmas holiday weekend. The Empire will be sure to wipe such behavior from the universe just as soon as rebellious scum like this is mopped up. The new (and old) tunes they play are quite charming, however.

1. Over the Falls - That's What the Sign Said
2. Over the Falls - Boltcutters and Speedos
3. Handicapped - Middletown
4. Over the Falls - Finnarininin's Revenge-Enge

Tape032 - The Joy Division

The rebels reunite and bring with them another voice. Jedi Master Joy is some kind of propaganda artist. When she's not working on or playing video games, she's learning how to kick box to help the rebel cause. The three insurgents are planning a new comic book, one that's hautned the front page of Motacultural.com since day one called "The 6th Man".

Tape031 - PlanB lvl3, The Bowie Podpiece

This tape may extend beyond the intellect of the rebel scum, delving into such topics as the descent into and long journey out of the Dark Side. We don't want our men to find their way out, so this tape will be squashed in as quickly and quietly a fashion as the empire can muster. It gets interesting when they discuss the power of the Bowie Codpiece, a mythical force sensitive object that has telepathic abilities far more powerful than any the empire has yet discovered. We will continue our search for the Codpiece until the rebels have nothing to support them. The search continues! Vader out.

ps: who let the droids get on the mic in this one? Somebody's gonna get force choked.

songs in this podcast:
Over the Falls - Half Full
Over the Falls - Motorhome
Over the Falls - Tres Noches
Over the Falls - Electric Don Knotts

find Over the Falls on facebook and on the world wide web at


Tape030 - PlanB lvl2

Our efforts to infiltrate the rebel alliance were thwarted. Here we see that scum Bizcake talking to Jedi Dustin Wallace about it. I guess we weren't sneaky enough. His band of raiders were easy enough to convert to the dark side, but Dustin would not be swayed with riches and fame. He severed ties with the group after the imperial Guerrila Music label tried to recruit them. Three out of four ain't bad though, and we will continue to recruit for the empire until ALL scum are ours! On a side note, who is this Hulk Hogan? I continue to hear controversy surrounding him, but he apparently supports fellow rebel tapers Butts in Seats. He might be our next target to turn to the dark side. Vader, out.

Songs in this podcast:
Strange Groove - Nocturne

Tape029 - PlanB lvl1

A solo rebel Bizcake takes to the mic and tells long tales of deep space epics with villains called Illusionoid and Cajones and planets like Uranus. Everyone laughs when I say it, I don't understand why. That "Thunderclap" cantina tune, that was stellar. Vader, out.

Tape028 - Have fun!

The rebels can be often boring, but this discussion centered on a legend in the scums arena: a Bat-man. The true identity of this man was put into question, as the current Man may not be the one they are used to. There was a bit at the end from a spy operation at a cantina where one of the rebels spoke with the elusive Jedi Dustin Wallace. The quality isn't great, but the content is undeniable. Vader, out.

Songs in this Podcast:
Stimuli - Changes Come (https://www.facebook.com/stimuliband/?fref=ts)
Over The Falls - Han Solo (https://www.facebook.com/OverTheFallsRocks/?fref=ts)
Over The Falls - Water and Hops
Over The Falls - Finnarininin's Revenge-enge!

Tape027 - Short'n'Sweet

The rebels discuss Senator Sanders, who has been a major disruption to the emperieal "elections" coming up. They briefly discuss a propaganda "picture book" they're producing? Rebels can't read either, huh? After that they're going to interview a cantina act, big exciting moves for these insurgents.

1. Strange Groove - Nocturne
2. Strange Groove - Deception
3. Strange Groove - Turning Leaf
4. Strange Groove - Auroroa

Tape026 - F@#k, I dunno

The rebels babble on and on about old Star Wars, new Star Wars and their plans to see it as lazily as possible. They don't need to worry, I'm not in any of the new films therefor they won't sell for sh*t. The only thing missing from Tod's bitching is a soapbox monoloug about how Han shot first (our intelligence services say he did, btw). There are some plans to add some "structure" to the podcast with "segments". *eye roll* We've heard it before gentlemen. All three listeners who AREN'T code breakers have a lack of faith (which disturbs me...) They also express interest in a documentary about dispicable spies and thieves called "rouge one", who stole the plans for my beautiful Death Star.

1. Minus Alliance - Fuckin' With My Head
2. Minus Alliance - Alarm Clocks