Tape026 - F@#k, I dunno

The rebels babble on and on about old Star Wars, new Star Wars and their plans to see it as lazily as possible. They don't need to worry, I'm not in any of the new films therefor they won't sell for sh*t. The only thing missing from Tod's bitching is a soapbox monoloug about how Han shot first (our intelligence services say he did, btw). There are some plans to add some "structure" to the podcast with "segments". *eye roll* We've heard it before gentlemen. All three listeners who AREN'T code breakers have a lack of faith (which disturbs me...) They also express interest in a documentary about dispicable spies and thieves called "rouge one", who stole the plans for my beautiful Death Star.

1. Minus Alliance - Fuckin' With My Head
2. Minus Alliance - Alarm Clocks