Tape030 - PlanB lvl2

Our efforts to infiltrate the rebel alliance were thwarted. Here we see that scum Bizcake talking to Jedi Dustin Wallace about it. I guess we weren't sneaky enough. His band of raiders were easy enough to convert to the dark side, but Dustin would not be swayed with riches and fame. He severed ties with the group after the imperial Guerrila Music label tried to recruit them. Three out of four ain't bad though, and we will continue to recruit for the empire until ALL scum are ours! On a side note, who is this Hulk Hogan? I continue to hear controversy surrounding him, but he apparently supports fellow rebel tapers Butts in Seats. He might be our next target to turn to the dark side. Vader, out.

Songs in this podcast:
Strange Groove - Nocturne