Tape031 - PlanB lvl3, The Bowie Podpiece

This tape may extend beyond the intellect of the rebel scum, delving into such topics as the descent into and long journey out of the Dark Side. We don't want our men to find their way out, so this tape will be squashed in as quickly and quietly a fashion as the empire can muster. It gets interesting when they discuss the power of the Bowie Codpiece, a mythical force sensitive object that has telepathic abilities far more powerful than any the empire has yet discovered. We will continue our search for the Codpiece until the rebels have nothing to support them. The search continues! Vader out.

ps: who let the droids get on the mic in this one? Somebody's gonna get force choked.

songs in this podcast:
Over the Falls - Half Full
Over the Falls - Motorhome
Over the Falls - Tres Noches
Over the Falls - Electric Don Knotts

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