Tape028 - Have fun!

The rebels can be often boring, but this discussion centered on a legend in the scums arena: a Bat-man. The true identity of this man was put into question, as the current Man may not be the one they are used to. There was a bit at the end from a spy operation at a cantina where one of the rebels spoke with the elusive Jedi Dustin Wallace. The quality isn't great, but the content is undeniable. Vader, out.

Songs in this Podcast:
Stimuli - Changes Come (https://www.facebook.com/stimuliband/?fref=ts)
Over The Falls - Han Solo (https://www.facebook.com/OverTheFallsRocks/?fref=ts)
Over The Falls - Water and Hops
Over The Falls - Finnarininin's Revenge-enge!