Tape010 - Calling All Rebels

Listen. None of us in the Imperial forces thought this rebel alliance would turn into anything, but 010 tapes?? They seem to be amassing a following of sorts, calling for more to join them. They also discuss their plans for a covert meeting with other rebels, and that...MAN...will be joining them soon. I have my best tech-troopers combing our databases to find any intell. There is talk that they are interested in interviewing this mighty Sith lord himself. Well I can't say I blame them, but my hopes are not high. However, have your people talk to my troopers, we'll see what we can do.
Vader, out.

Songs in this Podcast:
the Brothers Goold - Alice (as edited by Brandon Dalton)
Minus Alliance - So Broken
Minus Alliance - Picking Song