Tape012 - Tusk

The rebels are fascinated by some kind of B grade movie. The imperial code breakers can’t figure out where to categorized this, under horror or comedy. I applied a force choke on them until I decided to watch, and I can’t figure it out either. Either way, I there’s no accounting for taste; these rebels have a strange one.
This particular tape seems to be in place of lost data due to rebel clumsiness. How they ever managed to blow up my bitchin’ death star and they can’t put together a simple interview, I’ll never know. They claim to be lining up a second attempt to get this rebel leader, this “Fat Man” on tape. Good, good bring him right to us you fools….
Something good came of this aweful installment, however; the code breakers did profile a new personality, a Sean who went home halfway through. They appear to be attending a rebel meetup, or “punk show?”, in their town.

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