Tape015 - That Man on Stolen Data Tapes

The imperial code breakers have added a new profile to this project. Master Jedi Scott Holden imparts wisdom and nostalgia to these fledgling insurgents.
Not only has he reached out to this ragtag squad, but he is raising funds for a propaganda film. Master That Man is an important player in this story, with his ideas of podcasting saves rebel lives and all.

Further links to be studied:

1. Truth or Dare - Performed by Prozak - Live circa 1994 - Scott Holden - lead vocals, Keith Zuccolo - Guitar, Joe Decker - Bass/backing vocals, Chris Pennie - Drums

2. Sage Brush Ocean - Performed by Spoonbender - From the disc "Spoonbender 1.0" - Aaron Applegate - Lead vocal/guitar,  Kirk Baker - guitar/vocal, Alan Taylor - Bass, Scott Holden - Drums

3. The Rocketeer - Performed by Bad Cap Rockets -Live  2/29/2008 Virginia Beach - Bill Ford - Lead vocal & guitar, Julien LaBiche - Lead Guitar, Pete Desnoyers - Bass, Scott Holden - Drums