Tape018 - RIP Rowdy Roddy Piper

The Rebels spent a lot of time talking about the Jedi masters who lead them. First, Jedi Smith and Jedi Mewes called a gathering of scum to San Jose - a place I am sure to destroy as soon as my Deathstar is complete. Next they bring up a villain turned Jedi, Roddy Piper, a man so quick he could spit into the wind, duck and let it hit an old lady behind him. Losing him to the rebels was a true loss, and his untimely passing means we missed our chance to turn him back to the dark side. Last, they discussed our future elections, and their thoughts on our imperial debate. Darth Trump was a large topic, he does so remind me of Emperor Palpatine. I say we keep an eye on this Bernie Sanders character, he looks like he wants to shake things up and this sith lord doesn't like it.

Strange Groove - Ricochet
Strange Groove - Eclipse