Tape043 - Mallrats Moviecast, I Don't Understand.

With the recent release of the documentary inspired by the Stolen Data Tapes, along with the passing of rebel Princess and General Leah Organa, we knew that it would only be a matter of time before we were forced to contend with this particular group of insurgents. Scum Tod and Brandon bring a propaganda film to discuss, this one a production by Jedi Kevin Smith called "Mallrats" - I mean, I can guess what a rat is, but all the midichlorians in the world aren't helping me figure out what a 'mall' is. No matter, they reveal many vital secrets in yet another riveting tape...and I wouldn't miss a second of it.

Enjoy some tunes from a couple of Cantina bands, Rectifier we are familiar with, but Manbearpig is both new and TERRIFYING. DO YOU SEE IT? Vader, out.

Music in this Podcast:
Manbearpig - Manbearpig Theme
Manbearpig - N.T.R.M.
Manbearpig - Shiny and Chrome
Manbearpig - Typhoid Mary
Manbearpig -King Prawn!
Rectifier - Mona Lisa was a man
Rectifier - Man Swallows Whale
Rectifier - The Consequence of Errors
Rectifier - The Inside Joke
Rectifier - Jon

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