Tape035 - Dafuq U Bin?

Hah! I knew these rebel scum couldn't keep their momentum up! I feel as though we have them cornered and will finally find their base of operations. It's been a full month since we last found listened to any new information out of these fools. Perhaps that means they have become better about their top secrets! We  will have to keep a closer watch on them. This time they discuss in depth some supposed descendents of mine and a new documentary on my family. They also discuss a very interesting band of rebels one of our friendly neighborhood podcasters joined for a major meeting. Many scum attended this event, including Jedi Master Goold. I wish we had gotten some audio back from that event! Anywho, here's the tape. Vader, out.

Songs on this Podcast:
Handicapped - 27
Handicapped - Middletown
Handicapped - Sold Out
Rancid - Radio
Rancid - Journer to the End of the East Bay