Tape037?! - In a Row?!

The rebel alliance is passing about yet another proganda film, this one containing a young rebel who rages against the empire and brings together squabbling factions in the process. Jedi Duncan sat in as we hear these scum discussing this film and it's relation to previously released proganda. They tell many old war stories (didn't we already hear how these two met?) and, as always, we really don't learn much pertinent info. Perhaps I'll just have a space beer and relax tonight. Vader, out. Oh yeah... to Spencer from the OpIvy forums... FUCK YOU... and thank you.

Music in this podcast:
Rectifier "Man Swallows Whales"
Rectifier "Cactus Mouth"
Rectifier "The Inside Joke"
Rectifier "Mona Lisa Was a Man"
Rectifier "Jon"

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