Tape044 - Buds and Seeds

When Imperial subterfuge, technological snaffus, and just plain bumbling incompetence squander months of rebel build up, they decided to do what they do best and steal from a superior source. This time we hear some cutting room b-roll from the Masters over at Butts in Seats. Or is it Buds and Seeds? That might be a better name for this goofy nonsense, but it's what we've come to expect from this scum squad. I suppose it's better than nothing. Can we pull up some footage on Captain Simian and his Space Monkeys? Vader, out.

Music in this tape:
Woodbox Gang - Showdown
Woodbox Gang - Italian Plumber Lawsuit
Woodbox Gang - Strange Desert 1947

Find Josh Armour at @joshjdarmour and Frank Harris at @mostnotcoolman on Twitter, and find the whole Butts in Seats gang at @buttsinseatspod, as well as buttsinseats.libsyn.com