Tape025 - Sandors, the Burninator

The rebel scum are once again joined by the mysterious Zac Stark, I'm assuming a bounty hunter from the Cobb star system. I should contact him about procuring his services. They discuss seasoned senator Bernard Sanders, who has been rising up and speaking against the empire for some time now. His policies will cost my employers immense profit, so we will most likely squash him. It is however rumored that he is a trained Jedi. How he hid this I do not know. We will have to keep a close eye on him. Vader, out.

Songs in this Podcast:
Ridiculai - Rush Limbaugh
Ridiculai - Well Hydrated
Ridiculai - Where's Osama? 

Tape024 - One Thousand Yards!

The rebels screen another propaganda film, this time it's called "Pump Up the Volume" starring Christian Slater. This film details the sick psyche of podcasters who are even more devious for broadcasting on FM radio AND driving their speeders on the school baseball diamond. If you only knew the imperial budget for groundskeeping with these damn teenagers.

Music in this tape:
1. Minus Alliance - Frontine
2. Minus Alliance - Nuclear Age

Tape023 - Kinbad: the Sex-Files

A new Rebel has entered the foray. The mysterious Kinbad joined the scum this week, filling in the absence of Toad Sneeder. This talk, while eye opening and informative, seems unfinished and will require further investigation. I am gonna go figure out what hentai is now. Vader, out.

Songs in this Tape:
Alton Yaughn - Fuck
Mr. Blender aka Kinder aka Kinbad - "Zelda Song of Healing: Minimalist Chillwave"


Tape022 - Lake County Strong

The rebels are joined by a rogue squadron leader, a Zac Stark. Having his home under heavy attack, he is taking refuge with the friendly neighborhood scum until he is able to venture back and assess damage. The community surrounding these rebels is a strong one, and not to be underestimated. No matter what forces are sent, they do not back down and only seem to come back strong. Vader, out.

Songs in this Podcast
Missouri Loves Company - Put the Fun in Funeral
MLC - I Only Like You for Your Molecules
MLC - Please Excuse the Seduction

Tape021 - Go fuck yourself, San Diego?

More political rabble rousing from these scum. They reveal an ear drum splitting band named Ridiculai. I think these guys are a good fit for Mos Eisley. They we can lock them up for treason for being affiliated with such low level company as the rebel alliance.
Songs in this Podcast
Ridiculai - Well Hydrated
Ridiculai - Where's Osama?
Ridiculai - Rush Limbaugh

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Tape020 - XX!?

The rebels have no agenda this week, just a meandering chit chat about camping, kyaking, and a comic book they are supposedly working on. These rebel scum bemoan the loss of yet more audio data, thanks to imperial cyber warfare divisions.

1. Strange Groove - Nocturne
2. Strange Groove - Deception

Tape019 - SDT Rewind!!!

When the rebellion quiets, the empire must be on high alert. It usually means something big is around the corner. We haven't had any new surveillance data in a while, so I assume the rebels lay in wait to hatch a plan. Let's look back on this once thought to be missing data tape and see if we can find some new piece of information to use against them. They foiled our attempts to listen to their conversations with Jedi Dustin Wallace yet again, I can't tell if they are doing this on purpose at this point or if their really are just that inept. Best to be on maximum alert, could be a trick. Vader, out.

Songs in this tape:
Roddy Pipers theme
Strange Groove "Red Tide"
Strange Groove "Awakenings"

Tape018 - RIP Rowdy Roddy Piper

The Rebels spent a lot of time talking about the Jedi masters who lead them. First, Jedi Smith and Jedi Mewes called a gathering of scum to San Jose - a place I am sure to destroy as soon as my Deathstar is complete. Next they bring up a villain turned Jedi, Roddy Piper, a man so quick he could spit into the wind, duck and let it hit an old lady behind him. Losing him to the rebels was a true loss, and his untimely passing means we missed our chance to turn him back to the dark side. Last, they discussed our future elections, and their thoughts on our imperial debate. Darth Trump was a large topic, he does so remind me of Emperor Palpatine. I say we keep an eye on this Bernie Sanders character, he looks like he wants to shake things up and this sith lord doesn't like it.

Strange Groove - Ricochet
Strange Groove - Eclipse

Tape017 - Dustin Wallace

*ERROR! Due to rebel subterfuge, the tape you were about to listen to was encrypted. It seems everytime a high ranking master joins these dim witted scum, they find a way to redact and deny our attempts to listen in. Our codebreakers will continue to attempt to break the encryption, and in the mean time, these aren't the tapes you are looking for*

A new rebel has emerged from the woodwork, these insurgents are growing bold. Jedi Wallace has a strong command of the force, especially the guitar and the poetic word. His band creates elaborate and powerful soundscapes to drive more people from the mind control of the Empire. The next time this dangerous group unleashes their message is this Saturday, August 1st at Winter's Tavern in Pacifica, CA

Strange Groove - Red Tide
Strange Groove - Common Era 

Tape016 - Fan Boys

The rebels discuss politics with all the skill found in the Mos Eisley cantina, and are hooked on  trailers of so called super heroes. When I was about ready to swith them off, they mentioned another interview for next week. Since it seems they are doing whatever they can to this little insurgencey, maybe we shall continue monitoring.

Tape015 - That Man on Stolen Data Tapes

The imperial code breakers have added a new profile to this project. Master Jedi Scott Holden imparts wisdom and nostalgia to these fledgling insurgents.
Not only has he reached out to this ragtag squad, but he is raising funds for a propaganda film. Master That Man is an important player in this story, with his ideas of podcasting saves rebel lives and all.

Further links to be studied:

1. Truth or Dare - Performed by Prozak - Live circa 1994 - Scott Holden - lead vocals, Keith Zuccolo - Guitar, Joe Decker - Bass/backing vocals, Chris Pennie - Drums

2. Sage Brush Ocean - Performed by Spoonbender - From the disc "Spoonbender 1.0" - Aaron Applegate - Lead vocal/guitar,  Kirk Baker - guitar/vocal, Alan Taylor - Bass, Scott Holden - Drums

3. The Rocketeer - Performed by Bad Cap Rockets -Live  2/29/2008 Virginia Beach - Bill Ford - Lead vocal & guitar, Julien LaBiche - Lead Guitar, Pete Desnoyers - Bass, Scott Holden - Drums

Tape014 - Technology, Amiright?

It seems the rebels are seeking funding for some sort of...terroristic act, I can only assume. I’m not sure what good audible does, I’ve never had to read a book, but this Patreon… now THAT sounds like a good, strong Sith name. Plagueis, Sidius, Vader...Patreon! Perhaps I will pay this Patreon a visit, and see if his will can resist the dark side.
I am intrigued by this PCTCTC. Uranus has always been a guilty pleasure of mine, on the whole. Vader, out.

Minus Alliance - Jump
Big Sticky Mess  - Ants in My Pants

Tape013 - A Lost Tape

It seems that this tape is out of chronological order. One of these rebels took a vacation, attending to family business. They recorded this driving in a car, and claim to be on a diplomatic mission to Antioch (where is this now?) Well if this a councilor car, then where is the ambassador?

Tape012 - Tusk

The rebels are fascinated by some kind of B grade movie. The imperial code breakers can’t figure out where to categorized this, under horror or comedy. I applied a force choke on them until I decided to watch, and I can’t figure it out either. Either way, I there’s no accounting for taste; these rebels have a strange one.
This particular tape seems to be in place of lost data due to rebel clumsiness. How they ever managed to blow up my bitchin’ death star and they can’t put together a simple interview, I’ll never know. They claim to be lining up a second attempt to get this rebel leader, this “Fat Man” on tape. Good, good bring him right to us you fools….
Something good came of this aweful installment, however; the code breakers did profile a new personality, a Sean who went home halfway through. They appear to be attending a rebel meetup, or “punk show?”, in their town.

Stop Times:

Tape011 - Field Trip

The rebels are planning a big meeting at a "punk" show? Oh no, the empire better keep a close eye on these guys *eye roll* If you want punk. you should try blowing up a whole planet during routine interrogation!
The rebels go on to whine about running late, and feeling intimidated by the ideas of interviews. Interviews! Try surviving the jedi purge, then tell me about intimidating situations. At least the music finally improved. That emo wannabe grunge band was replaced by smooth, soulful funk. They understand what really attracts a man of taste.

Songs in this podcast:
Big Sticky Mess - "I Got a Funky Feeling"
Big Sticky Mess - "Brain"

Tape010 - Calling All Rebels

Listen. None of us in the Imperial forces thought this rebel alliance would turn into anything, but 010 tapes?? They seem to be amassing a following of sorts, calling for more to join them. They also discuss their plans for a covert meeting with other rebels, and that...MAN...will be joining them soon. I have my best tech-troopers combing our databases to find any intell. There is talk that they are interested in interviewing this mighty Sith lord himself. Well I can't say I blame them, but my hopes are not high. However, have your people talk to my troopers, we'll see what we can do.
Vader, out.

Songs in this Podcast:
the Brothers Goold - Alice (as edited by Brandon Dalton)
Minus Alliance - So Broken
Minus Alliance - Picking Song

Tape009 - Nostalgia

The rebels reminisce on their youth some more in this tape. Ugh, I dunno I'm in a foods coma. Had like 3 Wookie cookies. Where was I...? Oh yeah, they seemed fascinated with a 'TESD Puppet Theatre,' and upon research, I can't see why. Personally, if my storm troopers went to recover a cable box from a certain Mr. Flanagan, I doubt he'd be very amused.

Also, have you guys SEEN Kung Fury?? Say hello to our brand new Sith lord, Darth Hoff. Vader, out.

Songs in this Podcast:
the Brothers Goold - Alice (as edited by Brandon Dalton)
Minus Alliance - Alarm Clocks
Minus Alliance - Frontin

Tape008 - Still Slackin'

This rebellion has not slowed, though it would seem that our efforts to thwart their activity has forced their hand in changing their tactics. Through Imperial copyright law, we attempted to quell their support of fellow rebels. Instead of ceasing, they attack the Empire in new methods, producing their own crude brand of musical propaganda. They even created a sort of theme song, presumably to rally other rebels around them. These new torture techniques are painful for this Sith Lords ears, so we must develop new ways to depress them. Vader, out.

Songs in this Podcast:
the Brothers Goold - Alice (as edited by Brandon Dalton)
Minus Alliance - Nuclear Age
Minus Alliance - Involuntary Bathroom

Tape007 - Setbacks

May 16

Imperial sabotage has led to technological failure, revealing cracks in the rebels armor. The scum even complain of bruising on their "feelers," whatever that means. Sith Lords have no need for such fodder. It was once said that "nobody makes it past tape 006", and it seems this rebellion may put itself down before the empire has a chance to squash it.

Songs on this podcast:
Teen Idles - "I Drink Milk"
Stiff Little Fingers - "Suspect Device"


Scum is as scum does, and these rebels have a pencient for talking about crappy music. Well, their focus this week intrigued me. I would like to meet the "only country western troubadour in space" and see what he thinks of a certain sith lord who likes to strum the ol' 6 string. I wonder how well he'd be playing if he was missing a hand. Cowards.

Songs on this podcast:
1. Unknown Hinson - Venus Bound
2. Unknown Hinson - Talk American
3. Unknown Hinson - Save me from Myself