While the rebels continue to chatter on about music, imperial code breakers are attempting to analyze their hidden messages. They also dithered on about some "super villain" who simply doesn't impress this lord of the sith very much.

Music on this Podcast
1. The Presidents of the United States of America ­ Back Porch
2. Minor threat ­ Little Friend
3. Operation Ivy ­ Bombshell
4. The Cramps ­ Uranium Rock


The rebels are trying to push their agenda by promoting subversive music. Listen at your own risk.

Music on this podcast:
1. Offspring - Bad Habbit
2. Circle Jerks - Snip and Tie
3. Circle Jerks - Don't Care / Live Fast, Die Young
4. Sublime - Scarlet Begonias
5. Descendants - I Wanna be a Bear
6. Danger Doom - Aqua Teen Hunger Force
7. Mc Chris - Fette's Vette


Having been corrupted due to rebelliouis carelessness the story of hedge diving was lost. BUT, the ability to dive into a hedge is insignificant next to the power of the force.

Music on this podcast:
1. Operation Ivy - Hedge Core
2. Bad Religion - 21st Century Digital Boy
3. The Ramones - Havana Affair


The first stolen data tape recovered by Darth Vader reveals the rebels plans for subterfuge through propaganda. The empire will quell this surge

1. Minutemen - History Lesson Part 2
2. 7 Seconds - Young 'till I Die
3. The Germs - Lexicon Devil


An unimportant tape recovered by Darth Vader. Covering miscellaneous subjects.

Music on this podcast:

1. Black Flag - Nervous Breakdown
2. Dead Kennedys - In Sight
3. Minus Alliance - Nuclear Age